Inner Balance Therapeutic Massage



Inner Balance Massage Therapy Center located in Summit Fitness and Sports – Norwich Business Park / On the way to Dodd Stadium

Office (860) 373-9193

Therapist / Owner – Melissa A. Biggins, LMT – (860) 608-7453

Therapist / Laura Tracy, LMT – (860) 608 – 6439 / Offering sessions in Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Therapy

Melissa A. Biggins, LMT

I am a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist and holistic healer. I have been facilitating healing, touching hearts and helping people work toward balance of mind, body and soul since 2003. Massage Modalities currently practiced include Swedish, Deep Tissue a/k/a Clinical Massage, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Corporate Seated Massage and Pre-and Post-Natal Massage.IMG_1896

My work incorporates stretching, myofascial release techniques and energy work to delve deep into the tissues releasing tightness, restrictions and increasing function, performance and range of motion.

My goal is to help my clients reach their wellness and fitness goals through a series of therapeutic massage sessions that work toward achieving balance. Balance is defined as harmony in the parts of a whole and the ability to maintain equilibrium. An imbalance within the body creates stress which can lead to dysfunction and pain. When your body is in balance, you are pain free, your performance is enhanced and you have the energy to accomplish all your goals. When your mind is in balance, your focus is better and you are more productive. When your spirit is in balance you feel connected to your friends and family and you are confident that you are on the right path to being the best YOU there is. Massage is beneficial for any BODY regardless of age, size or level of fitness.

I invite you to stop in for a visit to discuss how I can help you find your Inner Balance.

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