K.O. Your Goals with Boxing!

Knock Out Your Goals with Boxing!

There’s no need to step into a ring to experience the benefits that boxing produces! Mixed martial arts and boxing have soared in popularity over the last few years, influencing many to start implementing that style of training into their fitness routines! With this 2 in 1 workout, you’re getting cardio and resistance training disguised as a fun, action-packed workout! So what are the health benefits?

Benefits of Boxing

Any type of heavy bag work utilizes multiple muscle groups in the process, starting from the ground up! You engage your legs, hips, core, and then finally arms as you rotate and extend towards the bag, giving you a killer total body workout in the process! The resistance from the bag with each hit will help build every muscle involved in powering your punch. Bursts of high intensity movements help enhance cardiovascular health and will have you burning calories all day, long after the workout is finished!

This style of workout is great for mental health as well! Physical activity is known to decrease stress levels, and learning new combinations and techniques keep your brain focused and disciplined!

BoxFit at Summit

We are proud to be bringing a boxing program on board here at Summit, rightly named BoxFit!

*** Program dates will be updated when our training rounds starts again!***

Armed with 4 heavy bags and 2 Focus Masters on each end, the BoxFit Gallows will be your best friend in our ongoing 6 Week Group Personal Training Program!

In this fitness program you’ll learn

how to wrap your hands, proper punching and breathing techniques, footwork for attack and defense, and how to integrate all of your muscles for maximum power!

BoxFit Specifics

In our New Fitness Arena – 20,000 sq. ft. of space to move!

Trial hours will be available so reach out to our Member Services Team to grab your spot! You can hop in any time to start your 6 week program, and be well on your way to crushing some goals!

Member Services – (860)887-3591 | info@summitfitnessandsports.com

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