Get Motivated in Group X!

Group Exercise has reignited in the last decade as fitness instructors are creating new ways to bring fitness into your life like never before! Between the knowledge of the ever-growing fitness industry, endless music selection and style of workout, Group X is the perfect additive into your weekly fitness routine. So what barriers are stopping you from trying these group-oriented work out classes? Here we’ll address some common thoughts someone who is new to group exercise may have.

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Malinda teaches her Insanity class at Summit Fitness and Sports in Norwich, CT

Common concerns among Group X beginners are:

Will I fit in with other exercisers? Rest assured – many cautious minds will calm down after feeling the motivating energy that comes from working out with other fitness minded individuals! New Group X members tend to find friends quickly as they attend classes routinely. Making friends in group exercise classes promotes accountability and motivation on making it TO and making it THROUGH each class! You can also consider bringing a friend with you if you’re nervous about being on your own.

What if the workouts are too intense or I won’t know what to do? I don’t want to hurt myself. Certified fitness instructors usually have to spend hours in fitness and safety specific courses to become certified teachers. You’ll feel comforted in knowing the workouts are taught with safety in mind by professionals! It’s also important to check in with your teacher ahead of time if you have any limitations or concerns, as most teachers can modify your workout during their class to avoid injury. And the best part? You don’t have to think of what workouts to do next!

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I need to have a routine that fits in my schedule! What kind of classes are there and how will I stay engaged? Today’s more popular Group X classes range from early morning bootcamp-style training, energetic cardio-infused dance exercises, engaging and stress relieving yoga flows, rehabilitating and gentle body work, to strengthening classes and more! Summit’s Group X schedule has classes to complete the weekly routine of every type of fitness enthusiast. The motivation of other members combined with the teacher’s music selection and pumped up workout routines keeps you on your toes and energized. A busy class schedule means many opportunities for you to stay on track with your healthy fitness lifestyle!

Check out our Group X Schedule and class descriptions here and stop by Summit Fitness and Sports to see our facility! For any questions, call our Member Service desk at (860)887-3951!

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