Fitness for the Older Adult

It’s no secret that routine exercise is an essential part for living a longer, healthier life. Therefor, health experts stress for all of us to maintain some level of fitness activity as we get older.

Fitness, Senior, Older Adult, SilverSneakers, HealthIn April of 1963, President Kennedy met with members from the National Council of Senior Citizens to discuss the wellbeing of the nation’s elderly. Together they declared the month of May as “Senior Citizens Month” (later to be renamed “Older Americans Month”) in recognition of our elders and their need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since then, many programs have been developed specifically to improve health among older adults.

One study recently published in the Journals of Gerontology examined links between physical activity, mobility, and premature death in a group of older adults. The researchers followed over 2,000 adults over age 60 for three years.

Health Promotion Manager for IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), Alexandra Black, discussed the researcher’s findings in her article Physical Activity Extends Life in Older Adults as follows:

“The results showed that high levels of physical activity were linked to a 51% lower risk of dying within the follow-up period, compared to moderate physical activity. A relationship was also found between mobility and premature death—for each unit of increased mobility and functionality, death risk dropped 2%. Health clubs provide a safe, supportive place for adults to remain physically active throughout their lives.”

Adding consistent functional fitness to our daily routines maintain and enhance the quality of life we want as we age. Below is just SOME of the benefits a healthy fitness routine can contribute to!

  • Strengthened muscles, joints and bones
  • Reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other chronic medical conditions
  • Prolonged independence
  • Stress reduction, mental clarity
  • Improved flexibility and balance for fall prevention

Senior fitness is on the rise thanks to popular health and wellness programs such as  SilverSneakers!

SilverSneakers is an insurance-based wellness program that provides effective classes for seniors in need of supportive and functional exercise. These classes are suitable for every fitness level and is one of our more popular classes here at Summit! Stop by our facility for more information to see if this class can benefit you or a senior you care for, as it’s never too late to start!

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