4 Grab-N-Go Nutritional Snacks!

Grab-N-Go nutritional snacks for when life doesn’t slow down!

Sometimes there’s just never enough minutes in a day! Between work, household and parental duties, and whatever else life decides to throw at you, time is everything. So let’s cut some corners on prep time, while still consuming nutritional food!

Here are 4 of my favorite versatile healthy snacks and meals that require little-to-no prep time, but are packed with protein and energy you need in your day!

Oatmeal, Healthy, fruits, nutritionalOver Night Oatmeal –

You can have as much fun with this recipe as you want, the combinations are endless! Prep this the night before if you have an early start to your next morning and cherish every minute of sleep!

In a jar or container, pour in and mix 1/2 cup of rolled outs (not instant or steel cut), 1/2 cup of almond milk (or regular, soy, coconut, etc.), and 1/3 cup of yogurt (regular or Greek). Mix in a tablespoon or two of chia seeds for more protein, and then top with your favorite fruits! Store in the fridge overnight so you can grab it and be on your way in the morning!

For more protein and flavoring, mix in a scoop of your favorite flavored protein powder!


Veggie Hummus Cups –Vegetables, healthy, nutritional

This is another quick nutritional snack with no mess, and very kid-friendly!

Pour your dressing of choice to settle on the bottom of the jar or container. Slice up raw peppers, celery and carrots, and conveniently stick them straight up in the same container. Store in the fridge or a cool lunchbox until ready to eat!


Nutritional, snack, protein


Chef Salad in a Jar –

Okay, so this Grab-N-Go recipe requires a TINY bit of prepping, but boiling eggs and slicing up some ham or cucumber doesn’t take much effort or time, especially if you’re just throwing it into the jar!

Pour your dressing of choice into the jar first so it will stay on the bottom, and add your layers of cucumber, ham, some low-fat shredded cheese, hard boiled egg, and finally top with iceberg lettuce! When ready to eat, toss your salad by shaking the jar or stirring all the ingredients together.


Salad, Healthy, Snack, nutritional



Caprese Salad in a Jar –

How about a more juicy and refreshing salad?

Pour your dressing/oil/balsamic into the jar first so it will stay on the bottom. Add in your tomatoes and mozzarella balls next, then your spinach and basil on the top so it stays separated from your dressing and doesn’t get soggy! When ready to eat, just shake up the jar and dig in! One jar, no cutting, no mess, and a happy tummy!


Don’t let your body and health suffer when time is short to make your snacks and meals. These are some perfect recipes to cut down on time for someone who’s always on the go! We’d love for you to share your favorite grab-n-go recipes below or on our Facebook page!

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