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Unlimited Opportunity to Develop a New You!

All members are encouraged to take advantage of their complimentary Smart Start, a full hour personal training session from our PULSE Personal Training Center! Best utilized when beginning your membership, these foundation trainings will cover the basics of a workout and develop a plan of action. In addition to your Smart Start, we also offer ongoing 6 week group personal training programs with trial spots available!

Our goal is to offer consistent support and help increase your comfort level in a gym setting. Please remember, 96% of our members are here for general fitness. We're a nice, comfortable blend of age groups ranging from teenagers to seniors. The perception that everyone at the gym is good-looking, fit, healthy and that we all wear great outfits is just not so. Families work out here. People with disabilities, large, small, fit and not yet fit persons work out here. Quite frankly, the very fit members are in a minority and while we're proud of them, and offer them specialized programs too, they are not representative of our general population.

Our Smart Start program is a stepping stone toward your next level of fitness through programs offered by:

PULSE Personal Training Center

Private Personal Training

Business and Corporate Programs, Pricing and Special Deals Available