PULSE Personal Training Center at Summit

Training available in private, semi-private and group settings

Please call or email today to arrange for a complimentary hour of private personal training to meet any of our motivating PULSE Trainers  (860) 887 – 3591 info@summitfitnessandsports.com

Trainer 2

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor

Mark 1


Masters of Science in Sport Science
5 years experience coaching college level lacrosse

"My family and I have always been big into sports; starting with my parents getting my brother and me involved in flag football when we were young tykes. Over the past six seasons I've coached lacrosse at multiple universities. I've also been making workouts for various sports and non-athletes for nearly five years. My focus is in strength and conditioning, but I am well versed in a multitude of fitness levels. If you're looking for a sports specific personal training, I'm the man for the job."


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