Have You Reached Your Fitness Goals?

It’s July! Summer time! You’ve had the goals of achieving that Summer body since the colder months! You promised yourself the New Year would be YOUR year. That you’d be wearing your favorite shorts again. That you’d focus on eating healthier, or you’d train and register for your first 5k! We’re entering into the second half of 2018, and now I’d like you to reflect and adjust accordingly!

Are you on pace for reaching your fitness goals? What’s been getting you off track? Life happens sometimes, and it’s so easy to say you’ll start exercising again tomorrow, or you’ll have only one slice of pizza. But nothing worth having ever came easy! It all comes down to priorities and discipline, my friends. How bad do you want it? Are you willing to go the extra mile down that bumpy road to reach your desired destination?

It’s time to make solutions, not excuses! Here are some ways to ensure you stay on track the rest of the year and finally reach your goal!

Write Your Goals Down

I know it sounds silly, but studies have shown when people write their goals down on a regular basis, they’re exponentially more likely to achieve them! International Speaker and Life Coach Mary Morrissey explains in her HuffPost blog:

Why does writing down your goals and dreams have such a profound impact?

The explanation has to do with the way our brains work.

As you may know, your brain has a left and a right hemisphere.

The wide, flat bundle of neural fibers that connects the two hemispheres is called the corpus callosum. This is the conduit through which the electrical signals between the right brain, which is imaginative, and the left brain, which is literal, make contact.

These electrical signals then move into the fluid that surrounds the brain and travels up and down the spinal column.

These signals then communicate with every fiber, cell and bone in our body… to the consciousness that operates within us to transform our thoughts into reality. It allows us to align our frequency to a life we would love living.

This is significant, because if you just THINK about one of your goals or dreams, you’re only using the right hemisphere of your brain, which is your imaginative center.

But, if you think about something that you desire, and then write it down, you also tap into the power of your logic-based left hemisphere…

And you send your consciousness and every cell of your body a signal that says, “I want this, and I mean it!”

Just the act of writing down your dreams and goals ignites an entirely new dimension of consciousness, ideas and productivity to the powerhouse that is your subconscious mind.

This simple act also opens your subconscious to “seeing” opportunities that simply can’t be observed if you’re tied up with THINKING about your goals.”

Break it down girl! Didn’t convince you enough? Continue to read her article here on the power of writing down your goals and dreams!

Plan Ahead

Set yourself up for success by building excuse-free habits to keep you on track. When you take a little time to plan ahead, you’re far less likely to skip your workout. Set a predetermined time you’ll workout through the week. You can also do things like pull out your exercise clothing the night before, and have pre-workout powder with a glass of water ready next to your bed for when you wake up. Visual ques are helpful in reminding you to follow through with what you planned to do! Meal prepping has also become especially popular over the last few years, and will help ensure you have the nutrition and energy to stick with your workout routine!

Work With What You’ve Got

Don’t have time for a full hour at the gym? Do lunges down the hall, squats at your desk, and take the stairs! Park further away so you have to walk a little bit more. Remember that doing SOMETHING is better than doing nothing, because doing nothing makes it harder to start again.

Create Accountability

Find another fitness minded individual to workout or meal prep with. Another great option is taking group exercise classes, as they’re usually on a set schedule and will help you develop habit! You can read more here on why we think group exercise can help you. Either way, surrounding yourself with those who have similar goals gives you the drive to show up!

There’s another 182 days left in the year, folks. Make them count!

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