Yoga ‘na Love This!

If you’re even mildly into fitness, odds are by now you’ve heard of yoga.

Maybe you’ve thought about going to a class, but unsure of what to expect and nervous, the idea is ditched for several reasons. You don’t know any of the poses and won’t be able to follow along. You don’t feel you’re flexible enough. You’re content with your current fitness routine, and don’t think yoga will help you reach your goals. Or maybe a few years of wear and tear have caused some body aches and you don’t want to get injured more…

My friend, you’re not alone. These are some of the most common concerns of those thinking about yoga! And the good news? There’s less to worry about than you think!

Let’s put those concerns to rest!

Are you flexible? I’m not. And we’ve all widened our eyes in amazement – or winced in pain, at the sight of a yogi twisting themselves into a pretzel! The truth is…  you don’t already have to be flexible! That’s why many wanting to increase flexibility look to yoga in the first place. So don’t worry, you’ll get there! The flexibility gained with a consistent practice supports functional movement – the basic movements of your everyday life – such as getting out of a chair, reaching and lifting.

Yoga also aids good posture, and can prevent and relieve pain from injuries. While it’s not recommended to take class with severe body pain, yoga has been known to alleviate mild pain and discomfort like with sciatica and inflammation. Yoga even improves athletic and fitness performance! In other words, having a regular practice is a good complement to the physical activities and workouts you already do. Stretching lengthens the muscle, and muscle strength increases by utilizing your own body weight and engaging/stabilizing certain muscle groups that might not get as much attention. Check out this article written on BodyBuilders.com breaking down how it helps with training!

Much like any workout, it may take some time and consistency to see and feel the results. The instructor leading Summit’s Yoga Fusion and Yin Acita Yoga  guides you through each movement and sequence in an educational manner. So following along is easy, and you’ll learn along the way! Modifications are also offered to go lighter or deeper into poses – meaning all levels are welcome to join!

Check out when our yoga classes are scheduled here. For more information on our classes and teachers, give us a call or email at 860-887-3591 / info@summitfitnessandsports.com. Ask us about our trials!

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